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Switching for good

I've been running this blog in paralell to the blogger one for a while now, but I don't really see the point anymore. I'll keep this up of course it contains eight years of my art life, and concert memories.

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Looking at my own behaviour I realise no one really comments on blogs anymore, but people still read them. LJ statistics show that I get about 5 visitors for each post here, maybe a few more. And on blogger it's usually up to a hundred. Sad but this is simply not worth the effort anymore.

I may be posting again one day, but for now this will be my last post here. Thanks for following me all these years.

Why this is important to me

I thought I could elaborate a little on why I am doing this project. There are several reasons.

First and foremost my parents and I want to do something for children who didn’t have a great start in life. I was so lucky to have a loving family and nothing can replace this, but you can still find a replacement family if your own wasn’t there for you. Plus you can learn to find your path and make things good, that takes some pointers and also a bit of work.

The place we are gathering money for this time is great. It offers a place to live, to find a more stable environment, never ideal, but better than the alternative. I love the fact that they organise trips with the kids, like the one when they all went to Africa to help out children there, nothing like this to put your own problems into perspective. The money we’ll give them will be used for such a project.

Then there is the fact that storytelling is very important to me. I had my mother, and my dad’s mother telling me lot of stories when I was little. I think it’s fuelled my curiosity and imagination, it certainly played a big part in my early life, and soon enough I found my own path as a storyteller. I want to share this and pass it on. There is nothing greater for me when a kid comes to me and tells me they liked one of my books, that makes it all so worthwhile.

And there is one last aspect that is important to me. I’ve never really understood this notion of “financial crisis” I am a bit naïve in this aspect. I find we’re being too depended on external structures. You hear people complaining about things, about lack of work, about politics etc. But the solution is very easy, just get up and do it yourself, especially if you live in a rich country like I do, there is nothing in your way. In this project we are taking money from sponsors, banks and the towns where we live, we use it to pay locals, a graphic designer, a proof reader/editor, we print it in a local enterprise, and if all goes well the illustrator will also get paid… It’s a micro-economy, tiny sums compared to the big fish. But it’s small streams that make the bigger rivers. It’s not going to change the world, but that’s not the goal.

What I’m trying to say is that we have to work for our own happiness, it’s not going to fall from a tree, it takes a little effort but the result is so worth it. Try it, you might be surprised.

So this is the last show for this year, bring on next year!

I’ve explained all about this festival here. And here.

And how you often got to literally lean on the stage. But not always. So I was a bit worried about what would happen.

The whole concert was broadcast live on the web and is still visible but only for France and Germany. 
EDIT: seems like it works anywhere, if somewhat intermittently. But if you go to: http://liveweb.arte.tv/ and click the "pop-rock" tab, then select the show, it seems to be working.
But it will be shown on TV at some point for sure. I hope my neighbour will tape it for me when it happens, I don’t even have a TV anymore.

Sure enough we were told not to leave our seats, but were allowed to stand. Then during the break the festival President, as he did the last time, came to us fans and told us we could move closer after the photo people had done their work. I wish I could have told the band about this, the first three songs were a bit pathetic. On my side of the hall I was the only one standing and dancing, in my sheep shirt… the things you have to do as a fan, I tell you!

Maybe that's what they mean with "feeling sheepish"

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Alice Cooper, "Raise the Dead" tour

I finally made a big dream come true which was to follow Alice Cooper on tour at least in part. I just saw the first four shows of the UK tour.

The first stop in this mini tour was Cardiff. I flew the day before the show so I could settle a bit in the mood and meet up with friends. What a fun evening that was.
I know the venue (CIA) as I've been there twice before. So I remembered that the sound is always great in this hall and also that security is really a bitch, there is no other term, sorry.

Some of you may recall a certain Tom Jones concert and how security kept people from dancing and enjoying themselves. This time we weren't even allowed to touch the barrier. What's the point of having one if you can't use it? And how is the audience supposed to show their support? Because that's what these show are about.

Not long ago Alice was at DragonCon in the US. One person asked him what he thought about cosplay. His answer was that it was great if it fueled people creativity, to make a costume and play a character. And that he expected his audience to do this too.

If you know me you’ll know that I‘ve always had a Steampunk “nature”, long before I even learned about the term at the Utopiales in 2003. I’ve always been attracted to the period, more to Edwardian times than Victorian, I always wanted to wear that sort of clothes even as a child. So I was really thrilled when I first saw Alice perform in 1997 and he was in full Victorian garb.

So instead of a costume I was very happy to go all the way and dress up in full Steampunk garb for these shows.

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And here we go!

You can now pre-order the book! It's a funny little story for small children (or grown ups who like such things) loosely inspired by a poem by the great R. Tagore.
I will email you an English translation of the story should you require one.

It will be 20.- Swiss Francs (16.5€ or 21.5$) and 3.- will go to a local youth centre. Different from the last one. This time it will serve to finance a special trip, they do such trips regularly. The centre accommodates children and young people who have difficulties in their families, they regularly have projects, like building a school in Africa or going to the seaside by cycle. It's a great way to show these kids that life is more than their families.

You can also pay more and all the extra money will go to that centre. For 26 Francs (21.5€ or 28$) I will sign your book and make a small drawing on the first page.

You can pay by Paypal, contact me for details at dr4gonlady-at-hotmail.com if you have any questions.

minimum, 20.- Swiss Francs (16.5€ or 21.5$)


Almost three

Well, it needs a little more work, but here's the third illustration:



I'm back working on that book. In between I did this:



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I am not sure if anyone still reads this page seems like everyone has moved away.

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One down, five to go

It will probably take some fiddling and this and that. But that's the kind of thing I have in mind for this book.

Looks simple, but it's got 14 layers in Photoshop and took about 12 hours to colour. My eyes are ready to pop out of my skull, even though I did my best not to work too many hours in a row.

What I love and it's the main reason why I am using digital colours. Is that the textures are scans of my mum's paintings. And the fabrics are images of my grandmother's saris. So the whole family is in there even though my grandma has been gone for a while now.


Hippos and sheep

I had a pretty cool dream this morning. Visiting a city and liking it so much I wanted to stay. It had two parts, one situated on a high hill and the rest at the foot of the hill. With some very nice old ruins down there.

And the old town was really decrepit but so cool for photos (wish I could take the photos with me when I wake up) Some buildings were rusted beyond recognition. And one building that had a supermarket in it, had the weirdest and creepiest sort of "elevator" with platforms going up, but you really had to be careful when you stepped on one as they were super fast. But there was another entrance for people without a death wish :) All very steampunk.

Then I met a shepherd/cowboy. Whose cows and sheep were fighting all the time so he had added hippos to keep the peace... don't ask :P The shepherd was rather cute so I was annoyed when the alarm rang while I was talking to him, but that's probably why I remember all these details.

Come to think of it it's pretty much what the world in my book should look like.